B&F Projekt GmbH

Our company is specialised in designing electrical and special systems, graphic and technical layouts of any type related to electrical, mechanical and heating systems, and building, architectural and structural works in general. We provide consultancy and coordination services to implement all the technological systems in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.
B&F Projekt can boast a team of collaborators with ten years experience in installing and designing industrial and technical electrical systems, working with the largest structures in the residential, commercial, hospital and industrial sectors at federal and European levels.
Our strength lies in the quality of services offered and in the passion for our work performed professionally and in our respect
for technical and safety regulations. Our structure provides all types of technical services in the electro-technical sector.
Our goal is constant and continuous in-depth analysis of laws and regulations in force, using the numerous technological innovations. We have the most sophisticated IT systems for creating electrical, planimetric layouts, electrical network calculations and estimates of quantities for the planning activities.
These activities are all performed in-house and cover the technical and economic aspects, as well as choosing and optimising the entire electrical system.